Children’s Musician Here in  Chicago For Over 9 Years.

Sarah Jane Parker started playing guitar at seventeen in Branson, Missouri at Silver Dollar City, where she was an actor playing Sarie Ellen McCoy, the gun-toting tomboy and major player in the Hatfield and McCoy feud. She also played music for adults and kids all over the park. As a growing musician and educator she also worked with adults and children with developmental disabilities in both music and art therapies.

In 2003 she moved her own theatre company from Missouri to Chicago, and continued to play music and act until she had her daughter in 2005 when everything changed. All the indie rock she played and sang turned into a kids song…Instead of “It’s Only Rock and Roll and I Like it” by the Rolling Stones she sings “It’s Only Broccoli and I like it”  Instead of “No Scrubs” by TLC she sings “No Bugs” Instead of “I think I’m Turning Japanese” she sings “I’m gonna eat some mac and cheese”  And subsequently her ultimate calling came to light:) She began playing music for children, teaching and performing all over our great city of Chicago. Appearing regularly at festivals, parties, events and various venues all over Chicago; Sarah brings a sparkling good time to everything she does.

Visit my Songs page to listen and sing along.